Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Introduction to Relish

Dear friends,
It is with great pride that I can finally start the relish blog! I have been waxing poetic for years about the nature of design, use of the same old materials in furnishings these days when there are so many more interesting alternatives, going local and sponsoring local artist events and design lectures with emotive (my new word), abstract expressions.
Our complex history is a long one - started relish mid 2002 (after a little practice) in a little live/work space in Portland's new urban Pearl District (http://pearldistrict.com/), in a cramped 320 sq ft, moved a year later to the Gregory building 5 blocks away (http://www.thegregory.com/) where we lived for 5 years. And now, ahhhh, we recently moved to our renovated warehouse space to add our interior design and product sourcing services! One year of hell and lots of money, then no money, then some money and damn, a broken economy at the finish line. We still keep moving, hoping, learning and doing what we love best -- creating authenic, beautiful spaces for every day people.