Thursday, January 12, 2012

Featured Artist: Jan 17th at Relish Design

We are so excited to host Nancy Prior's prints at Relish from Jan 17 to Feb 17th!  Here is a snapshot of her series at the No 2 Print Shop in SE Portland.  From the moment I walked in the Open Studio tour last summer, I knew I had an artistic friend.

Instantly, I was drawn to the Antique Press they are known for, but seeing both adults and children make their version of art by using various cut-out shapes, objects, colors, tools and winding it through the press on the most beautiful paper.

Oh, I wish those days were still here again.  We look forward to sharing more about Nancy's artist open house reception mid February for the final week. 

Enjoy! trisha

Friday, January 6, 2012

Crafted Systems Wall Art + Will Paul Photography

It's January and I can't believe it.  We've had a number of featured artists the last few months, but these three stand out for me -- Crafted Systems wall art and vessels, Willy Paul etched photography on steel plates and his wife, Kris Paul, for her Japanese-inspired ceramics.

It's amazing how much work can go into the subtle details of a handmade piece.  To me, that makes all the difference vs a general shape that can be made by the thousands on an assembly line.

In summary, I feel it's the subtlety of simple things that make ALL the difference in design.