Saturday, August 18, 2012


Ascend matural wool rug in Relish client home. photo credit: Aaron Ziltener Photography

 Rug buying can be a overwhelming place, full of many ideas and and a vast amount of options. To help this process, we've outlined the WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/WHY considerations when making a rug purchase.

Who will be the end user?
Will there be a crawling baby or a high amount of traffic interacting with this rug? This determination will help you to not get something too utilitarian or too 'precious'.

What is the fiber content?
Natural fibers (cottons, bamboos, wools) are always ideal and our #1 recommendation, for both the environment and the indoor air quality of your home over nylons or other acrylics. 

When will the rug arrive?
Quality rugs are made by hand by skilled artisans. As such, lead times for rugs can be upwards of 3-6 months in some cases for the process of shearing, dyeing, weaving, and transport.

Where is my rug made?
A very critical factor to consider to ensure your rug is not made under unfair or unsafe working environments. Look for the GoodWeave or RugMark label on your rug considerations. Both are labeling systems that insure that illegal child labor or slavery practices are not used, and that quality opportunities are given for these workers.

Why is this rug being considered?
Whether the intention is a statement or a simple room dividing element, going into your purchase with a specific goal and Plan will help in focusing on the holistic vision and how it effects the whole space, not just the color of one fiber.

At Relish we source rugs from a variety of different sources. If you're considering a rug purchase, let us help you make the right decision for your lifestyle and the greater good in the world. Every dollar you spend is a vote towards some kind of viewpoint, and we encourage you to 'cast your vote' into companies that consider all aspects of the life cycle of the products being sold and the critical artisans who make that happen.