Monday, November 29, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: Tlaag studio of the last attempt at greatness Location: Portland, Oregon About: studio of the last attempt at greatness was started in 2009 by Sara Huston and John Paananen in an effort to challenge current design standards and expectations. Tlaag focuses on making specific pieces with a strong point of view. They also tackle a variety of scales from table top objects to living structures. Tlaag also loves to take on commissioned projects. *Ugh, these are just so wonderful it hurts! They are hand made, so each one turns out different even if they try to make them similar. Carey here, likened them to a snowflake! They are also made of scrap material. There is nothing better than making some beautiful out of what is usually considered to be waste. You have to love artists that are mindful of sustainability! Each are $30, well worth the money, they will last forever!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Iittala Sale!

Five more days to take advantage of the Iittala 15% off sale! Shown here are tumblers with a plastic ring around them to protect your hand! Set of two for $30!

Product of the Day!

Company: Moufelt Artist: Jeanie Lai Product: Felt garlands and ornaments! About: All products are made in Oregon using 100% pure wool felt, a sustainable and renewable resource. Traditional hand felting techniques as well as industrial felts are used to create our products. *I know Thanksgiving hasn't even past yet but we just gotThese wonderful items in over the weekend, dropped off by Jeannie herself. The garlands shown here are actually the "waste" material that comes from her other pieces, rugs, hot pads, coasters, runners etc. So she uses every possible piece to make even more beautiful things! These would be amazing on a tree. One garland is $28. Here we have her ornaments, so so cute. And show above those are her coasters. Ornaments are 3 for $12 and coasters are 4 for $20.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Iittala Sale!

Iittala sale reminder! 15% off! One customer came in two days in a row to order yet another Flaming Red Aalto votive. So beautiful!

Product of the Day!

Artist: Johnathan Langston Location: Portland, Oregon About: Jonathan Langston is an alumni of the Oregon College of Art and Craft. His studio is located at the Ford Building in SE Portland. Jonathan begins with a 2D design on paper. Each form is first hand-thrown. A mold is then taken of the original to be used for slip casting, allowing Jonathan to work with duplicates. This process provides opportunity to alter each piece individually while staying true to the original form. The vessels become uniformly distinct. *Jonathan came in earlier this week and brought a new set of bottles! Great pewter color and so shiny you can see me taking a picture of them right in the middle! So pretty!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Company: Iittala Location: Finland Product: Taika Line About: Taika means ‘magic’ in Finnish, and Klaus Haapaniemi wants his illustrations to inspire your own imagination and storytelling. Combined with other essential design objects of the Iittala collection, Taika gives a magic touch to everyday life. *I picked another Iittala item to remind again Iittala is on still on sale! 15% off! Can't you picture these cute little owls in your home? I know Portland loves owls and illustration and this fits right in. Striking cobalt blue with hints of red, brown and varying tones of blue. Mug is $22 and the plate is $40.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Iittala Sale!

Reminder! Iittala is on SALE! 15% through the end of the month. Show here are iittala's kivi votives at $15 each along with Flow candle holder specifically made for the Kivi votives.

Product of the Day!

Company: Normann Copenhagen Product: Krenit Bowls! About: The original Krenit-Bowl designed in 1953 The Krenit-Bowl is a perfect example of good Danish design and through the years it has become a design icon. The Krenit range is a contemporary classic which enables a perfect interplay between function and aestheticism. Its characteristic sharp edge creates a balance between material and form, giving the bowl its modern expression. Even its shape has a set the trend for later designs of bowls, and the shape of the bowl is just as perfectly suited to the modern home in 2010 as then. *These bowls were a product of Trisha's recent trip to New York and meeting with Normann Copenhagen himself. She even ordered them before she got home, that's how beautiful they are! Seriously bold colors off set by it black exterior. Sizes vary. Prices of bowls shown $15 to $52.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: FLOR About: FLOR has always been an innovator and a pioneer. We care about our planet and its future and seriously consider our eco-footprint in everything we do. That includes what happens when FLOR has lived its useful life. FLOR has developed what is revolutionary in the residential carpet industry - a Return & Recycle Program.

We are committed to making sure that no FLOR ends up in a landfill. Through FLOR's Return & Recycle program we take your old FLOR carpet squares and turn them into new product. So, when you need to replace or make room for some new FLOR, don't toss your old tiles into the garbage. Instead, call our Customer Care department at 1.866.281.3567 learn how you can participate and make a difference. The planet thanks you!

Here are some alternate uses for FLOR samples: use them as coasters, use FLORdots ™ to hold a few together and create a cool dogfood placemat or use them as a trivet.

*That was a lengthy about section but FLOR deserves it! Plus they are on sale! 15% through Nov. 15th! I just had to feature them today because SO many people came in the store to check out sample tiles. One person is looking at mats for her kitchen and hallway and the other wants to fill her large living room and dining room! FLOR is so versatile is outrageous. Come take a look!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: Chilewich About: The RAYTray is the first of the RAYbowl collection to be reintroduced. The open, breathable mesh makes the RAYTray ideal for storing fruit and vegetables. The covers come off easily and are machine washable. In addition to functioning as storage in the kitchen or on a buffet, the RAYTray makes a dramatic modern statement in any area of your home. *The Ray Trays have finally arrived in all their modern and simplistic glory! Stretchy mesh is used to create the bowls. Seriously beautiful. We have this one in grey, white and black, and another in green! Price $129

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Products of the Day!

Artist: Wes Younie Location: Portland, Oregon *Featured today are two Wes' many talents. Here we have two of Wes' paintings. I am particularly fond of the squirrel. We also have many of his terrariums that he just brought in on Wednesday. They come in all shapes and sizes. This one here is the small size at $85. They are even available in maintenance and maintenance free versions! (real and faux plants)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: QuarterTwenty About: Led by Matthew Bietz, QuarterTwenty designs and builds projects at a variety of scales including furniture, installations and buildings, exploring relationships between design, art and production. *These just came into the store! So smooth and simple! QuarterTwenty just got "Best in Show" for their 'Giddyup' Stool, which also have in-store. These candle holders are only $32 each!