Friday, December 10, 2010

Product of the Day!

Artist: Leah Nobilette Location: Portland About:

Leah Nobilette received a BFA in ceramics from Western State College of Colorado in the spring of 2001. In 2004, simplifying her college thesis of textured raku works, Leah developed her extremely popular line of hand-made spiked bowls and vases.

This unique product line is not just functional, but uniquely decorative and pleasingly tactile. The fragile-looking spiky exteriors are surprisingly sturdy and dishwasher safe, and the bowls have brightly colored interiors that are food safe.

Leah also makes a colorful line of everyday bowls and cups with smooth exteriors. Like her spiked pieces, the pieces of Leah’s everyday line are constructed from white earthenware that Leah throws by hand on a kick wheel.

Leah lives in Portland, Oregon with her soon to be husband Shawn. *We just got more of Leah's work in the store!! This ridiculously popular line is so wonderful with its bold colors and tactile exterior. And yes, you can feel those spikes! A customer stated once that "it hurts to touch these, but I can't not touch them!". Come check them out!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: Stubbornworks Artist: Melissa Stiles About:

I went to school and got my degree in architecture, because someone told me I'd never be able to do it. The discipline really suited my personality and I enjoyed the struggle, the sleep deprivation, and learning to have a critical eye. I graduated in 1996 from Penn State University and moved forward seeking a climate change.

I relocated to Phoenix Arizona. It was there that I took my first class in metal smithing. I enjoyed it, but couldn't take the heat, and felt the need to relocate again. Everyone I knew was living on the east coast, so I moved further west.

I landed in San Francisco where I met my husband and continued to work as an architect. We got a dog and moved to east bay. I worked in the garage on jewelry relentlessly and realized I liked it a lot more than my day job.

We have since moved to Portland Oregon and have two babies and I'm no longer an architect, but still stubborn and still making jewelry.

*Melissa is another artist I just met last week at first thursday. She brought in so much new stuff! This is probably the cutest ornament I have ever seen. Made of metal and powder coated. There is also a lamb, a bunny, a birdie, I want them all! Price is $12 each.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: Quartertwenty About: Led by Matthew Bietz, QuarterTwenty designs and builds projects at a variety of scales including furniture, installations and buildings, exploring relationships between design, art and production. *I met Matthew last week at our first thursday event, very nice guy who makes beautiful work! These are his bottle openers that happen to be scrap pieces from making his stools (what they are sitting on)! Also, in the background his is newest bench. So gorgeous, and it smells great too! Bottle openers are $24 each.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: Fieldwork Design (new to our store!) About: Fieldwork Design is a creative collective specializing in architecture, interior design, custom furniture and design fabrication. Location: Portland, Oregon *This is the Cabinet 01 by Tim Fouch and Tonia Hein. So so gorgeous. All of the wood they use is salvaged, along with salvaged steel screen doors. They even make seat pads from wool blanket remnants. The ultimate reusers! Come check it out!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: Vitreluxe Artist: Lynn Read About: Lynn Read has his studio in the SE Portland neighborhood of Sellwood. These are his beautiful salt bowls. "How does he do that??" Is what I often think when looking at his work. A customer came into our store yesterday and bought some for her daughter! These cute little bowls are $16 each.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: Relish Product: Relish 6-Point Star Tree! I am sure many of you have seen these, but I wanted to share anyway! This is Trisha's very own aluminum holiday tree! Modernize your holiday with these trees. Three are on display at the store!