Friday, December 10, 2010

Product of the Day!

Artist: Leah Nobilette Location: Portland About:

Leah Nobilette received a BFA in ceramics from Western State College of Colorado in the spring of 2001. In 2004, simplifying her college thesis of textured raku works, Leah developed her extremely popular line of hand-made spiked bowls and vases.

This unique product line is not just functional, but uniquely decorative and pleasingly tactile. The fragile-looking spiky exteriors are surprisingly sturdy and dishwasher safe, and the bowls have brightly colored interiors that are food safe.

Leah also makes a colorful line of everyday bowls and cups with smooth exteriors. Like her spiked pieces, the pieces of Leah’s everyday line are constructed from white earthenware that Leah throws by hand on a kick wheel.

Leah lives in Portland, Oregon with her soon to be husband Shawn. *We just got more of Leah's work in the store!! This ridiculously popular line is so wonderful with its bold colors and tactile exterior. And yes, you can feel those spikes! A customer stated once that "it hurts to touch these, but I can't not touch them!". Come check them out!