Monday, November 29, 2010

Product of the Day!

Company: Tlaag studio of the last attempt at greatness Location: Portland, Oregon About: studio of the last attempt at greatness was started in 2009 by Sara Huston and John Paananen in an effort to challenge current design standards and expectations. Tlaag focuses on making specific pieces with a strong point of view. They also tackle a variety of scales from table top objects to living structures. Tlaag also loves to take on commissioned projects. *Ugh, these are just so wonderful it hurts! They are hand made, so each one turns out different even if they try to make them similar. Carey here, likened them to a snowflake! They are also made of scrap material. There is nothing better than making some beautiful out of what is usually considered to be waste. You have to love artists that are mindful of sustainability! Each are $30, well worth the money, they will last forever!