Saturday, December 24, 2011

South African Interiors Inspiration

I recently spent 3 weeks in South Africa, starting in Cape Town and ending up near Johannesburg on Safari.  In short, I can't share everything yet, but I was tremendously inspired.  My greatest love is traveling to far away places, staying with locals and experiencing their food, design, inspiration and creativity from the cultural "styles" of a region.  I will be sharing bits and pieces over the next few months (i.e. as I go through the 2K photos!), starting today with this custom sofa company called Casamento at the Biscuit Mill.    Check out the various hand-made designs, many of which are completely one-off designs and each a little different.  Also, loved this threaded art from Erica Elk here.  Stay tuned for more in the following weeks!  cheers, trisha