Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 Ways To Transform Your Space

 We've been focused on process and design planning lately, and wanted to share our thoughts on the most effective implementations for any space.

1. Start with a PLAN
In a world of sensory overload, it's easy to get distracted by all the options. You wouldn't purchase a car or make a big decision without a clear plan first, and interiors shouldn't be any different. We see mistakes made when there isn't an holistic plan in place or budgets set at the onset, and rooms filled with items that don't quite work together or are out of scale for the context. At Relish, we strive to equip our clients with personalized Design Plans that clearly outline the priorities and options for their specific lifestyles.

2. Lighting
Lighting is the biggest mood-setting element for a space. You can have the perfect furniture, wall color, and accessories, but if the lighting isn't right the space can still feel stagnant and sterile. Always create a layered approach by implementing ambient lighting, then adding a combination of
ambient/task/decorative lighting types to create a multi layered look full of interest.

Lighting literally penetrates the psyche, and great lighting can give a space a feeling of intimacy or even vibrancy.
3. Color
Color can be as trans-formative as lighting. It can work as a backdrop for art, act as art itself in the form of a features wall, help to facilitate flow and openness, or simply add visual interest through beautiful, saturated colors. Our favorite paint palettes of the moment are Yolo, Farrow and Ball, and Stark paints. Many times, we can even add a complimentary wallpaper as a color accent as well as for depth and texture. 

4. Scale and Proportion
When putting together a furniture and space plan, its important to consider overall scale and proportion of items within the context of the space. Strategic placement can aid in flow and openness, and avoid over furnishing or adding items that simply don't work for the space.

5. Personalization
Your space should always be a reflection of your lifestyle, history, and your personal values. We love helping clients re purpose heirloom items and add personalized touches, to avoid any space simply looking like 'page 26' of the latest catalog. These might include family photos, travel items, picture walls, or even your child's "art" over the years!

We hope you find this listing helpful, and of course, do keep in mind that Relish can help with a simple second opinion to full spaces.